Wello Helping to Lead a Cleaner Energy Future

The Penguin Credit: wello.eu/the-penguin/

Wello Penguin helping to lead the way in a clean energy future

Wello’s Penguin Wave energy converter was permanently deployed in Spring, 2017. Concerns over surviving rough weather have quickly been diminished as the converter has survived several severe storms including Hurricane Ophelia.

The Penguin is a permanently moored energy converter that is renowned for its ability to convert kinetic energy while accommodating the ocean’s ecosystem. The vessels are placed so that they do not disrupt the water’s natural movement or disturb marine life. The Penguin produces no visual or noise pollution and it can be utilized on almost any ocean coast.

While much of Europe is focused on renewable energy, the competition to outperform other companies and find better solutions is driving the industry to lead the way. In the H2020 SME evaluation process, Wello scored excellent points against tough competition across Europe.

Where they’re heading

Looking ahead, Wello is developing a Power Module wave converter  device. This will be the next evolution from Wello Penguin wave converter where it will be installed on any large offshore vessel or ship. It will have the ability to produce renewable offshore electrical energy by absorbing wave kinetic energy. At the same time, the mechanisms absorption of the waves will help stabilize the vessels improving safety and comfort on board.

Wello’s is to implement there mechanisms in offshore vessels, fish farms and on cruise liners which are always looking to achieve a high level of sustainability and stabilization.

To learn more about Wello and Penguin, check them out here.

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