Trump Forest Helping To Fight Climate Change

Trump Forest helping lead the fight in battling fossil fuel emmisions

Since Donald Trump took office as President of the United States, the narrative of climate change from the federal level has changed dramatically. Trump has stated that he believes climate change is a hoax designed by the Chinese. As well, he irresponsibly claimed that cutting emissions to avert catastrophic climate change will ruin the US economy. Trump has withdrawn the US from the Paris Climate Agreement and has representatives for the US arguing that fossil fuels and nuclear energy is the path forward.

With the future of the Trump presidency looking gloomy in the  fight against climate change, people are starting to take action in off-setting the damage Trump is creating. Among those who are troubled by Trump are three environmentalists based in New Zealand. A French-New Zealander named Adrien Taylor, a British climate scientist named Dan Price, and an American political scientist named Jeff Willis. These three have come together to form “Trump Forest”.

Trump Forest is an organization that is bringing people together to plant trees and build forest in the name of Trump. Their goal is to offset the damage fossil fuels cause when burned off. The practical number of trees that need to be planted is a rough estimate of 10 billion. To achieve this, the group decided that crowd sourcing would be the best way to achieve the goal.

How to help

Trump Forest does not take any money but rather they give you a couple options on how to keep growing trees. The first is they have partnered up with The Eden Reforestation Projects where your donation to the project will go directly to planting trees. The second option is to plant locally. You can send in your receipt of how many trees you had purchased to plant and how much was spent to continue to add to the tally.

Trump Forest currently sits at 850,000+ trees planted and continues to grow. Visit to donate today and help build a cleaner future.

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