World Carbon Emissions On The Rise Again

New studies performed by the Global Carbon Project find emission levels have grown after three flat line years.

A recent comprehensive analysis on Earth’s carbon cycle was just completed and found that our greenhouse gas emissions are rising again. This finding is very troubling as the last three years, analyst showed that emissions had flat lined.

The study was conducted by the Global Carbon Project (GCP) who were created with the purpose to accurately depict the current carbon cycle on Earth.

The three studies were released in time for the COP23 gathering in Bonn. The summit aims to implement and strengthen the Paris agreements as much as possible. As the summit continues, this will certainly cast a dark cloud over the event.

None of the studies state whether they believe this may only be a one year event or if the trend is likely to continue.

China is a large part of why emission levels have gone up

The studies revealed that China appears to be the main factor in why the change occurred. China has bounced back economically this last year which has given rise to the amount of coal being used. Although China is apart of the accords and pushing to establish cleaner energy in their country, coal is still very cheap and accessible. Without the ability to completely power their nation on clean energy, they still need to reside on coal.

The latest estimate from the GCP is that carbon dioxide emissions grew 2 percent in 2017 compared to last year. Many growing considerably more worried that time is running out on our ability to keep warming under 2°C (3.6°F), as agreed upon in the Paris accords.

China cannot be the only country to point a finger at as every nation continues to poor carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

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