Global Powers Agree To Not Fish In Arctic To Allow For Study

Photo by Lorenzo Castagnone on Unsplash

In a time when the survival of the life in the Arctic Ocean is extremely delicate, Global powers have agreed to prohibit commercial fishing in the Arctic Ocean for at least 16 years.

The decision was made to give researchers the opportunity to study the ecology of the Arctic. As we watch the Arctic thaw much quicker than was initially anticipated, the decision to put science ahead of economics is vital one that can help set future precedent for world wide decisions.

The powers that put the plan together consist of nine nations and the European Union. The countries that sign into the agreement will party together to form a joint scientific research program. The research conducted will be looking at local fish populations and the effect of commercial activities in the region along with a variety of other things.

Five of the countries in the agreement, the United States, Russia, Canada, Denmark, and Norway, have arctic shoreline. China, Japan, South Korea, Iceland and the European Union are all apart of it as well even though they do not have any arctic shoreline. Their trawling fleets will not be used in the 16 year agreement.

This agreement comes at a surprising time as there are a lot of political tensions between some of the countries such as the United States and Russia. As well, under President Trump, the United States has been pushing climate change denial and removing protected areas in favor of economical development.

Recently, the Arctic Ocean has opened up to allow opportunities for shipping routes  for a Northern route which will greatly affect sea life, climate change and way of life in the Arctic. This agreement will be a vital one in determining the damage that is occurring due to the shipping routes.

The deal will be automatically renewed every five years unless one of the parties objects or they all come to a resolution.

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