Video: Octopus Invasion On Beach In Whales

In a very rare marine event, dozens of Octupuses crawled out of the sea onto a beach in Whales. The video was shot by Brett Stones, a local dolphin tour operator who stated that, “Approximately 25 of these animals were seen crawling out of the sea at night here in New Quay on Friday.”

Stones assisted in collecting the marine animals and returning them to the sea. Unfortunately, a number of the Octopus were found washed up on shore the following morning.

The cause of the event has not been confirmed but marine scientist speculate that recent storms could have injured or confused the animals into beaching themselves.

Researchers were able to collect samples of the Octopus that were found the following morning to run tests. Hopefully, they will discover the cause of the stranding and try and help prevent future events.


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