52 Weeks , 52 Challenges: Week 1

Waves Of Change, For Our Oceans

For 52 weeks, we will be introducing a new challenge to better the environment each week. A new goal will be set forth to add on to the previous weeks goal and after one year, you will have 52 lifestyle changes that will better the environment.

Everyone starts a new year with a resolution. But at Sea Voice News, we want everyones year to be much bigger than one resolution. Picture this as a snowball rolling down a mountain. At the top, it’s one small singular snowball. But as it starts rolling down the mountain, it adds more and more snow till it becomes massive. Week 1 is the top of the mountain and week 52 is the bottom. By the time we all reach week 52, our snowball will be one big change in the way we live our lives. It will be a real change to fighting the negative impact humans have on the environment.

Each week, our new goal will give us a chance to make a significant impact on the environment while not having to change our lifestyles too much. The reality of our society is that it does not take a lot to make an impact. This challenge will give you the opportunity to set weekly goals and continue to build on the them throughout the year.

So without further ado, introducing the goal for week 1….

Go Straw Free!

We’ll be honest, straws are a convenience and they make our fast pace lives a little easier. The problem is, they are absolutely horrible for our environment. In the United States, we use over 500 million straws everyday. That is 500 million straws that need to be recycled or properly disposed of. Unfortunately, a large amount are not and many end up in our oceans.

The damage that plastic straws have can be devastating for animals including sea turtles or to whole coral reef ecosystems. Besides the convenience it gives us our everyday lives, straws are horrible.

The good news, there are environmentally friendly options of straws that are available and we can continue using them without the guilt of damaging our environment.  There is a wide range of options such as paper, glass, steal, or even bamboo!

The switch is easy. The biggest stop is to just say no to the straw. Whether in a drive through, a fancy dinner or at your local coffee shop, it begins with a no.

It’s not easy to make a change on a global scale, but we can begin by making a difference in our own lives. We are excited for you to be a part of our challenge and to make that change.

Comment below and let us know the change you will be making!




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