52 Weeks, 52 Challenges: Week 3

Waves Of Change, For Our Oceans

For 52 weeks, we will be introducing a new challenge to better the environment each week. A new goal will be set forth to add on to the previous weeks goal and after one year, you will have 52 lifestyle changes that will better the environment.

Everyone starts a new year with a resolution. But at Sea Voice News, we want everyone’s year to be much bigger than one resolution. Picture this as a snowball rolling down a mountain. At the top, it’s one small singular snowball. But as it starts rolling down the mountain, it adds more and more snow till it becomes massive. Week 1 is the top of the mountain and week 52 is the bottom. By the time we all reach week 52, our snowball will be one big change in the way we live our lives. It will be a real change to fighting the negative impact humans have on the environment.

Each week, our new goal will give us a chance to make a significant impact on the environment while not having to change our lifestyles too much. The reality of our society is that it does not take a lot to make an impact. This challenge will give you the opportunity to set weekly goals and continue to build on the them throughout the year.

So without further ado, introducing the goal for week 3….

Stop Using Single Use Coffee Cups

Of all the products consumed and used in the world, coffee may be the most popular. A good portion of people get their coffee from a retailer and opt to get it in a single use cup. Unfortunately, most of these cups do not get recycled or are not even recyclable.

Coffee cups or typically made from styrofoam or a paper cup that are lined with polyethylene.

The styrofoam is derived from polystyrene, a petroleum derived material. Polystyrene can take up to a million years to break down and is considered a carcinogenic which has been shown to leach from polystyrene, particularly when there is a hot liquid inside.

The glue that is used to hold together paper cups has been found to partially dissolve when the coffee is poured into the cup, releasing trace amounts of toxins, such as melamine into the coffee. And unlike newspapers, disposable paper cups are not recyclable due to the polyethylene.

If the cups themselves weren’t enough of a problem, the plastic lids and cardboard sleeves are rarely ever recycled creating even more waste.

When using reusable mugs, you have the ability to make an enormous impact on the amount of single use plastics and trash that is used everyday.

Yet the biggest opportunity for people to gain is in the amount of money that can be saved by using your own mug. Almost all coffee retailers will charge less when you bring your own mug to fill.

Next time you are out shopping, stop and pick up a reusable mug. Single use coffee cups are one of the biggest wastes on the planet. When you use a reusable coffee mug, you are saving money and saving the planet.


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