Sea Turtles Return To Nest On A Beach In Mumbai That Was Once Covered In Five Feet Of Trash

In one of the most populated cities in the world, tiny olive ridley turtles have hatched on the beaches of Mumbai, India for the first time in almost two decades after major beach cleanups.

The threatened species were first spotted by environmental activist Afroz Shah and his group of volunteers who have removed thousands of tons of trash from Mumbai’s Versova beach since they started a huge clean cleaning operation in 2015.

Around 90-95 tiny olive ridley hatchlings waddled across the clean sand to make their way into the Arabian sea as volunteers ensured they safely made it.

For a few decades, the beaches in Mumbai have been absolutely devastated by trash washing ashore from unregulated pollution. The beaches had become a dumping ground for the cities plastic and garbage until Afroz Shah and his volunteers stepped in. From sand to sea, the beaches were covered in as much as 5 ½ feet of garbage in some areas.


Prior to leading the world’s largest beach clean-up, Afroz Shah was a lawyer who wanted to do something about the cities trash issue. At the beginning it was just him and his 84-year-old neighbor but it quickly became something much bigger as more than 1,000 volunteers now participate. Since 2015, they have collected around 5,500 tons of trash, returning the beach to an area that once again cultivates life.

The efforts and accomplished achieved by Afroz Shah really show the difference a person can make in the battle to help our environment. If you ever need any daily motivation, come back to the story of what Afroz has accomplished in his country.

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