The EPA’s Leaked Memo Shows Agency Is Completely Dismissing Climate Change As Man Made

In an internal memo sent out to employees of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and obtained by  HuffPost, the agency has laid out the talking points on climate change going forward. The underlying message of the memo: The EPA doesn’t believe that humans are responsible for our planet’s climate change.

Under leadership of EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt, a series of eight talking points outlines the continued stance the EPA has taken on climate change.

Since his appointment by President Trump, Pruitt and The President have pushed the government as far away from blaming climate change on humans even though overwhelming evidence has shown that man made carbon emissions through products are the cause of the issue.

The points were written up by the EPA’s office of public affairs and sent out to staff by Joel Scheraga, a scientist with the EPA’s climate adaptation. The email was sent with the subject line “Consistent Messages on Climate Adaptation.”

The EPA’s stance under Trump and Pruitt are particularly troubling as we are at the breaking point of never been able to turn back from the damage we are causing. Under Pruitt, the EPA has resorted to a “back-to-basics” agenda, which ignores climate change in favor of more basic principles such as clean air and water.

Pruitt has said on multiple occasions that man made carbon dioxide isn’t primarily responsible for the warming of the planet and has tried to discredit climate science on public television debates. 

It is clear the agenda of Pruitt and Trump do not support climate change or the impact it may have. Many have taken into question whether influence from big oil money is pushing decisions to be made that directly contradict protecting our planet.

The full memo can be viewed at HuffPost.

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