Video: Great White Shark Halts Australian Police Operation

While trying to investigate a boat, police in Australia were interrupted by surprise as a Great White Shark stopped the patrol from getting to a boat.

The officers were patrolling at Tapley Shoal near Edithbugh performing random alcohol breath tests on boats to make sure no one was sailing under the influence.

As they were approaching a fishing boat, the great white shark swam between their patrol boat and the fishing boat. The shark, given the name Noah, was estimated to be about 15 feet long and it had been following the fishing boat for about 10 minutes.

“Police were concentrating on recreational boats and checking registration, licenses and safety equipment along with alcohol and drug-testing operators when they were paid a visit by one of the locals,” SA police wrote on social media. “Noah wasn’t keen on being breath tested and our Water Operations Unit officers were happy to oblige!”

Speaking to ABC Radio Adelaide Breakfast, one of the fishermen in the targeted boat – Mark Oaks from Melbourne – said they’d been trying to get away from the shark when the police approached.

“We kind of had thoughts of changing our Bonds [underwear] a couple of times,” he said.

“At the same time, the coppers were out there with their big patrol boat and they had another two guys on the inflatable.

As the police approached, Oaks said he told them to “back off a bit” as the shark was right next to them. They ultimately gave up on trying to breathalyze Oats.

About 30 miles to the west of Edithburg, there is a hotspot for great whites called Neptune Island which is where the great while most likely came from. Great Whites are an endangered species and cannot be harmed.

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