Australian Fisherman Performs C-Section To Save 98 Shark Pups

Mathew Orlov managed to saved 98 sevengill shark pups after catching a dying sevengill shark.

In the video on his Facebook page, Orlov can be heard saying, “This sevengill was attacked by a bigger shark on the way up, hence why it’s dead. But at least we’ve got puppies to survive,”

Fishing off of Australia’s Victorian coast, Orlov says the shark was not targeted but was caught on a small hook intended for fish and was already dead when he pulled it aboard. Orlov saw that the belly of the female shark was still moving and ended up removing 98 pups by “C-section”.

In a Facebook post Orlov stated, “Caught a 2.71-meter [9-foot] 7 gill shark today, it was attacked by another shark on the way up. It happened to be a pregnant female, we ended up removing and releasing 98 pups, yes that’s right 98, I couldn’t believe it myself.”

Seven gills are ovoviviparous which means they produce eggs inside their body and give birth to live young. The eggs hatch inside the mother, which the pups feed off of before entering the big blue. Sevengills typically birth between 80 and 100 pups after a 12-month pregnancy, followed by a year-long recovery. W

With a lifespan of up to 50 years, sevengills have the potential to birth thousands of pups. . The pups survival typically depends on their mother making it to full term. In this case, the shark pups don’t appear to be attached to a yolk, which biologists say could mean they have a chance to survive.

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