Video: Saltwater Croc And Tiger Sharks Filmed Feasting On Whale Together For First Time

In new footage that was recorded late last year and shared recently by National Geographic,  it  showing two 3-meter-long (10-foot) tiger sharks and one 4-meter-long (13-foot) saltwater crocodile munching side-by-side on a humpback whale carcass.

Incredibly, this is thought to be the first time ever that a reptile has been recorded feasting on a whale.

The amazing footage was taken by a drone in Kimberly, in Western Australia, by the crew of a charter boat after they encountered a nearly 50-foot humpback carcass floating in the ocean. 

The resulting video was posted to social media, and soon after, noted by University of Miami shark biologist Austin Gallagher.

His analysis of the crocodile-shark scavenging behavior was published online last month in the Journal of Ethology.

“The most interesting aspect of this observation was seeing the overlap in time and space between tiger sharks and saltwater crocodiles, two apex predators that rarely encounter each other,” Gallagher told NatGeo.

Tiger sharks are typically known as the dumpsters of the ocean as they will eat anything and everything and are known to be highly opportunistic.  On the other hand, crocs usually stay to the brackish waters of a river mouth, estuaries, lagoons, and mangrove forests but they are still able to live in full salinity of saltwater.

The crocs, on the other hand, typically stick to the brackish waters of estuaries, lagoons, river deltas, and mangrove forests, though, true to their name, they are able to withstand the full salinity of saltwater.

The video shows that these species can scavenge on the same food source at the same time without any or much fighting.


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