A New 100% Sustainable And Recyclable Water Bottle Is About To Hit The Market And It Could Change The Industry

Photo via Choose Water

Single-use plastic is plaguing our planet and this is leading to the development of alternatives to plastic. One of these new options, developed by a London-based bottled water company, has created a biodegradable and recyclable water bottle with the intention of reducing the amount of plastic containers that are used and tossed away daily.

The company, Choose Water, created the bottle from 100 percent recycled paper pulp that is vacuum formed around a sustainable source watertight lining and topped with a thin steal cap.

In a perfect world, we shouldn’t need to have single-use bottles but unfortunately that is highly unlikely to happen. Given that, the next best option is to ensure all beverages are packaged in non-plastic bottles.

Choose Water is still waiting for patents and started crowdfunding for the bottle on Monday. They have set a goal of £25,000 ($34,000), of which they have raised about £21,053 ($28,620) so far.

On their campaign page on IndieGogo, they said, “Our bottle doesn’t harm the environment; it will degrade within months in the ocean or in landfill and can be recycled. So no matter where it ends up, it won’t do any damage,”

The organization definitely has the environment in mind with the creation of this bottle as all sales profits will go to a clean water access non-profit organization called Water For Africa.

A recent study has calculated that a staggering 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic products have been produced since the 1950s, and 79 percent of these items were not recycled or incinerated. As it takes about 400 years to decay, 6.3 billion tons of plastic waste is now sitting in landfills or in the ocean and those numbers will increase. By 2025, it is predicted that plastic in the ocean will triple.

If you want to help out an organization that is working towards a goal that is necessary for the health of the oceans, this is the one.

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