Video: Police Are Looking For Man Who Carried Dolphin Off The Beach And Drove Off With It

In an incident that was caught on film Tuesday, Authorities are searching for a man who carried off a dolphin that was stranded on a beach at a popular tourist spot in China’s Guangdong province.

The man was filmed walking down the beach with the dolphin thrown over his shoulder. According to witnesses, he then drove off after putting the dolphin in his car according to the South China Morning Post.

An unnamed local fishery authority told the Chinese news website that the dolphin reportedly washed up on the beach and appeared to be dying before the man picked it up and carried it off. The South China Morning Post translated what the official said.

“The man, thought to be a tourist on the island, was then seen to have carried the dolphin away on his car … he will be punished when he is identified,” the unnamed official said. “Dolphins are protected animals [in China]. Whether it was dead or alive, he should have called the authorities for help.”

As reminder, if wildlife is found on the beach that appears to be dying, please call the appropriate authorities. Many marine mammals are already in endangered and removing them can be found as criminal. If the animals is already dead, researchers often perform an autopsy to determine cause of death to see if the death can be prevented for future animals.

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