The Second Conference To Protect The Ocean Is Set To Take Place

A marine sustainability conference is set to be held in Bermuda later this month in hope to bring more light to the issue of protecting our ocean.

Led by the environmental group Plastic Tides, The Protect Blue conference will bring activists, athletes and ocean sustainability experts to the island from May 30th to June 1st.

This will be the second time the conference is held. Last year, the discussions took place in Noli, Italy. The results were filled with new collaborations, partnerships & projects being launched and a global community of passionate change makers who are committed to protecting our oceans.

With the conference sponsored by Plastic Tides, it will also be linked to the organizations Devil’s Isle Challenge, a paddleboarding race that campaigns to stop plastic waste in the ocean.

The conference will also be linked with this June’s Devil’s Isle Challenge, a paddleboarding racing weekend organized by Plastic Tides, which campaigns to stop plastic waste being dumped in the sea.

The conference set up is very different than most. All activities are taken place outside and filled with experiential education including morning hikes, SUP’ing, jungle walks and snorkeling.

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