Photos: Trash On UK Beach After Holiday Weekend Highlights The Difficulty Of Protecting Our Oceans

Holidays are our opportunity to unwind, get away from the day-to-day hustle and often, enjoy the beach. Unfortunately as thousands of people flock to beaches worldwide, the beaches are left in dismay due to trash and litter left behind.

That is exactly what happened during a record-breaking May Bank Holiday weekend in Bournemouth, England.

Tourism expersts say around 200,000 people made it to the area to vacation for the three-day weekend and the result is astonishingly disappointing.

A petition has now been started by Bournemouth resident, Jane Cooper, calling on the councils to take more notice of the problem.

Writing on the site, she says: “The beaches along Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch are beautiful, yet at the end of each sunny weekend they are coated in litter, the bins are over flowing with single use plastics, with packaging on the sand and being washed into the sea.

The United Kingdom has recently started addressing the issue of single-use plastics by banning all plastic straws, cotton swabs, and single-use plastics but that ban will not be able to have the impact conservationists hope it will if beachgoers continue to treat the beaches and the ocean like this.

Plastic pollution in the ocean has recently been found to be much bigger than previously thought and plastic is on pace to outweigh fish by 2050 in the ocean.

You can start making a difference today by saying no to single-use items and helping to inform family and friends of the problems associated with them.

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