Photos: NASA Took Aerial Shots Of The Arctic And They Are Absolutely Stunning

A relatively steep icefall for southern Greenland in front of ice mélange. NASA/Joe MacGregor

The Arctic and the Antarctic’s ice covers may not be around for much longer due to the consequences of man-made climate change but as we are watching the ice caps disappear before our eyes, NASA is on a mission to document and learn more about them.

A large field of tabular sea ice floes. NASA/Nathan Kurtz

NASA’s Operation IceBridge was created to provide scientists with a unique way to study the northernmost and southernmost areas of our world and is used as a tool to study them further.

The best part, NASA shares these photos with the world to see the remarkable world we live in and maybe acts as a subtle reminder of the working towards protecting our planet. To check out the full album, check out their project here.

NASA/Joe MacGregor
NASA/Joe MacGregor
Remains of a research camp, and a Twin Otter plane. NASA/James Jacobson
NASA/Linette Boisvert

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