Trump’s Offshore Oil Drilling Proposal Is A Direct Threat To 68 National Parks

Back in January, the Department of the Interior announced that will be opening up almost the entirety of the United States coastline to offshore oil drilling and the news came as a great shock and disappointment to just about everyone.

Since that time, a new report has been released that suggest that if the plan is to go ahead and open up the shorelines, 68 National Parks would be at risk.

The report was created by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), an environmental advocacy group, and the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA). The saddening report is a dyer reminder of the importance of protecting our coastal shorelines and outlines what is at stake for each area that may possibly be drilled citing studies and federal data.

An example of the National Park or Monument sites threatened in Alaska, should the proposal be entirely approved. NRDC & NPCA

Besides the devastating impact on the natural environment, Interior Secretary Ryan Zine wishes to drill in areas that generate at least $5.7 billion to the 2017 GDP through recreation and tourism. At the same time, these areas supported National Park-related jobs that numbered at 59,517 which is more jobs that exist in the entire US coal industry.

The report stresses that although these National Parks “have earned some of the strongest legal protections afforded to public lands, the administration’s proposal puts our nation’s treasures at risk.” The fact that the Trump Administration is pushing for more oil at a time when decarbonized economies is clearly the way to go is a disappointment.

The next move to stop actions such as these is to get people out of office who support the destruction of our coastlines.

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