Two Men Charged For Beating Seal After Video Went Viral

The power of social media was used for good after a video of two men were seen in it beating a baby seal.

Since the video made its way across the internet, the Swartland and West Coast SPCA have charged the men for horrific act. The video immediately gathering steam as people  were outraged and shocked.

WARNING: This video contains graphic content that may be harmful to sensitive viewers. (Video via Herald Live)

In a statement, the SPCA said, “We, as were many members of the public who saw the video on social media, were sickened at this blatant display of cruelty. As a result we have been able to gather enough evidence to lay charges in terms of the Animal Protection Act 71 of 1962 against Marius Tredoux, who is the man seen on the video abusing the seal.”

“Charges have also been laid against Rynard van der Heever who filmed the appalling scene. The charges against Tredoux are obvious as he can be seen beating and hitting the baby seal, however Van der Heever is as guilty in terms of the act as he did nothing to stop the violent abuse.”

The SPCA were confident that the two being charged would be convicted of the horrible act.  The SPCA have asked members of the public to go to their local police station and make a statement, have it signed and stamped by the police that requests the court that the highest possible penalty be imposed at sentencing, in a further bid to strengthen their case.

“Help us get justice for this poor animal. We do not know what the fate of the seal was as it seems that the scene was filmed in December 2017.”

Unfortunately, animal cruelty exists far and wide through the world today. The good news, through the help of social media, we can bring light to so many of these issues and ensure that the people behind animal abuse are brought into the spotlight to be charged.

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