Photo: Endangered Fin Whale Caught In Icelandic Waters And Is Now Being Processed For Meat

The slaughter of endangered fin whales continues as new images reveals a fin whale in port being processed for its meat after being caught in the  waters of West Iceland.

Fin whales are currently still hunted in Iceland, Japan and Norway even though the International Whaling Commission (IWC) instituted a global moratorium on commercial whaling. Despite international outrage and the almost zero demand for whale meat, the slaughter of the mammal continues despite species numbers drastically falling.

When hunters spot a fin whale, they fire a 90 mm cannon to impale the animal with a grenade-tipped harpoon. A rope attached to the harpoon allows them to tie the whale to the ship and tow him or her to a butcher station onshore.

During the last few years, countries around the world have worked to end the commercial hunt, including those in the European Union, which blocked the passage of Hvalur’s whaling vessels. And the U.S. was ready to impose economic sanctions on Iceland right before the last hunt was canceled.


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