First Beluga Whale Sanctuary Officially Launched

Photo by Mendar Bouchali on Unsplash

The Sea Life Trust, has just announced the first ever Beluga Whale Sanctuary will be located in Iceland after working for years towards completing the goal. The first two residents of the sanctuary will be two female beluga whales, Little Grey and Little White in 2019.

Created in partnership with WDC, the Sea Life Trust Beluga Whale Sanctuary will be located in Iceland and is the biggest development in captive dolphin and whale care and protection in a long time. As well, it is the first to be created for whales and dolphins.

The project will be used to encourage the rehabilitation of more captive whales into natural environments in the future and hopefully a huge step forward to ending entertainment shows with whales and dolphins.

The two whales who will make it their new home shortly have been used in entertainment at Changfeng Ocean World in Shanghai, China. Once in Iceland, the whales will live in the natural bay at Heimaey, located on one of the Westman Islands, off the souther Icelandic coast.

Merlin Entertainment, who purchased the rights of Changing Ocean World in 2012, has been seeking to move the whales due to its philosophy to not keep cetaceans such as whales and dolphins in captivity.

The sanctuary will be 32,000 square meters with a depth of up to 10 meters and will be natural environment for the whales in the sub-Arctic waters.

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