Disturbing Photos Show Polar Bears On Remote Island Playing With Plastic

Kevin Morgans / SWNS

The worlds plastic problem that we have created is absolutely disturbing and every day we see more evidence to the damage plastic is having on our environment.

New photos now show two young polar bear cubs playing with a large sheet of plastic on a remote Arctic island. The pair of sibling were stoppered with their mother on the coast of Svalbard,  a Norwegian archipelago

Kevin Morgans / SWNS
Kevin Morgans / SWNS

Svalbard is hundreds of miles from continental Europe and has a population of about 2,500, yet researchers navigating the freezing waters found plastic waste wherever they went.

Claire Wallerstein, part of the Sail Against Plastic team, said: “We were very lucky to be invited to take part in this unique expedition, and had an amazing time seeing Arctic wildlife, stunning glaciers and experiencing 24-hour sunlight.

Kevin Morgans / SWNS

“However, it was also a very sobering experience to see just how much plastic is making its way to this incredibly remote and apparently pristine environment.”

While performing research, the team found plastic on beaches at every surveyed site, including plastic from Florida. With currents reaching Svalbard from both the Atlantic and Siberia, debris can literally travel the world.

Plastic pollution in the ocean has recently been found to be much bigger than previously thought and plastic is on pace to outweigh fish by 2050 in the ocean. More governments have started to attempt to tackle the issue as country-wide plastic bans have started to be rolled out more frequently. UNEP pointed out that plastic can last for thousands of years on Earth and leads to the death of many animals as it is often found in the stomach of marine animals.



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