Endangered Sea Turtle Found Dead With Beach Chair Around Neck

Photo courtesy of the Fort Morgan Share the Beach Facebook page

We all love heading to the beach to enjoy the surf, salty sea breeze, sun and the marine life but all too often, many people forget how impactful they are to the ocean environment when they pollute and leave items left behind.

That message of the damage humans can cause is more evident than ever as photos of a sea turtle dead with a beach chair wrapped around its neck have been posted on Facebook.

The Fort Morgan Share the Beach posted a graphic photo to their Facebook page. The photo shows a Kemps Ridley turtle, one of the most endangered sea turtles, with string of a chair wrapped around its neck. The turtle was found on the beach at the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge.

“The chair was around its head when they found it. The chair had barnacles on it so had been in the water for w while. So much stuff left on the beach washes into the gulf. Why we need something like “Leave Only Footprints,” said Debbie Harbin with Share the Beach Fort Morgan.

The bottom line, lets pick up what we bring and ensure our beaches and ocean are clean. Senseless deaths like this are tragic and easily avoided.

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