Video: Giant Iceberg Forces The Evacuation Of Greenland Village

In an astonishing incident, a small coastal Greenland village is being evacuated as a 920 foot high iceberg threatens to cause destruction to the village as it floats down the coastline.

As the iceberg continues its journey, it is melting causing large chunks of ice to fall off and create large waves that could potentially flood the village and cause destruction.

“Residents were evacuated in the early hours of Friday in fear that a flood would hit the place as a result of the broken iceberg,” Greenland police spokeswoman Lina Davidsen told Danish broadcaster TV2.

Keld Quistgaard, from the Danish Meteorological Institute, told Danish media the iceberg is estimated to be 820-920 feet at its highest point, about 656 feet wide, and weighs 8 to 10 million tons.

Scientists say the calving event, when large chunks of ice break away from glaciers, is a real-time example of the forces behind global sea-level rise.

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