Video: Amazing Footage Of Great White Shark Breaching Off US Coast As Researchers Try To Tag It

In a video shared by the non-profit Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, it shows an amazing encounter with large great white shark off the coast of Wellfleet, Massachusetts.

The conservation group said on their YouTube page that they have been receiving reports of white sharks breaching this year from fisherman and boaters. While the encounter is extremely rare, the video shows it can definitely happen in the Atlantic waters.

Biologist Greg Skomal was at the boats bowsprit attempting to tag a shark when the white breached right underneath him.

Although white sharks can be terrifying to some due to movies such as Jaws and the size of the marine animal, white sharks very rarely attack humans but the species is routinely attacked by humans. Thousands of white sharks are killed every year typically for shark fin soup or even out of ignorance of humans and that is definitely a problem for our oceans. As apex predators, without species such as whites, the ecosystem would fall apart and essentially lose the ability to sustain itself.

The organization, based in Massachusetts, is doing important work for shark conservation. On this particular expedition, they were able to tag a 3.5-meter (roughly 12 feet) white shark, making it the eighth individual tagged this season. Atlantic White Shark Conservancy is committed to raising awareness of white sharks by supporting research, public safety, and conservation.

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