Southern California Coastal Waters Have Just Set A Record As The Hottest Ever On Record

As reported by the Scripps Insituion of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego, researchers have just recorded the highest sea surface temperature on record in Southern California.

Records began more than a century ago, as the Scripps Institute has been taking temperature and salinity measurements at the ocean’s surface since 1916. On Thursday, the researchers measured the surface water at 81.3°F near Torrey Pines buoy (7.3 miles offshore) and the Scripps Nearshore buoy (.7 miles offshore).

The new record passes by the record previous set on July 30, 1931, with a temperature of 78.4°F.

Researchers have noticed rising temperatures in the Pacific this summer and scientists with the institute say their measurements are consistent with extreme weather and land surface temperatures set earlier this year.

“Like other climate change trends, background warming enhances the probability and magnitude of extreme events,” said Scripps oceanographer and Shore Station’s principal investigator Reinhard Flick.

The news out of San Diego is something we should expect to see more and more as climate change is here and we are starting to see the impact associated with it.

Waters off the coast of San Diego are not the only parts of the Pacific seeing the dramatic change as trends continue nearly 100 miles off the coast of California.

The Coastal Data Information Program also tracks ocean surface temperatures with buoys that measure waves throughout US waters, 14 of which are in Southern California. Across the lower half of the state, near-record highs have been recorded over the past few weeks at each buoy.

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