Video: Dead Whale Shark Found In Manila Harbor Covered In Trash

A dead whale shark has been pulled from a sea rotten with plastic and other pollution as a video shows those items stuck to the dead fish.

The endangered species was found at the Navotas fish port in Manilla, Philippines and although a necropsy has not yet happened, the cause of death is believed to be from the polluted sea.

Local fisherman first spotted the gentle-giant and called Philippine Coast Guard to assist them with pulling the deceased shark from the water using a winch.

The shark has been taken to the Philippine Fisheries Development where medics will carry out the necropsy to examine the shark and determine what the cause of death was.

Manila and the Philippines have some of the most polluted waters in the world with rivers in the country pushing out plastic and trash into the sea by the tons.

Ocean pollution and specifically single-use plastic is considered to be one of the biggest threats to the survival of marine creatures and the problem is only growing.

Many countries have started to take the necessary steps to ban plastics but unfortunately, there are way too many countries who are not engaged in talks of banning single-use plastics and the only way that will change is by putting pressure on these countries. Start by saying no to single-use plastic and take it further by writing businesses and government officials to end their careless use of plastics.

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