Video: Beachgoer Gets Hooked By Stingray In An Extremely Unfortunate Area

A beachgoer in the city of Sanya in southern China quickly became extremely unlucky when his genitals were pricked by a stingray’s barked tail while swimming in the shallow waters.

The incident has quickly gained world attention after the video began circulating across Chinese media  showing the man rolling in pain as a crowd of people gather around him

According to reports, the man was was swimming in the ocean when a stingray swam up his shorts and cause the man to panic. Attempting to break away from the ray, he scrambled back to shore but the stingray was still hooked to him.

Stingrays used their barbed tail for defense as they sit on the bottom of the sea covered by sand. When a fish approaches them, they use the barb to jab at the predator.  The tails of some stingrays are equipped with a dangerous venom that can kill humans. When administered, the venom immediately causes intense pain to the affected area and can last as long as two hours.

As for the man in China, it’s unclear whether he suffered any injuries or if he was at risk of venom poisoning. When entering the ocean, remember that we are entering the domain of different species and if we are not prepared to be hurt, don’t enter the water and leave the animals in peace. 

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