Video: The Ocean Cleanup Project Is Launching The World’s First Cleanup System

On Saturday, September 8th, The Ocean Cleanup Project will be launching the world’s first ocean cleanup system from our assembly yard in Alameda, through the San Francisco Bay, toward the infamous Great Pacific Garbage Patch. To celebrate this historic moment, the team is inviting the world to watch the event live. If you missed it, no worries just check it out here!

The hope is that the cleaning device will be able to collect half of the garbage contained in the patch within five years. The team is currently finishing up the assembly of the machine by welding together giant tubes that will sit on the surface of the sea and form the skeleton of the machine, which will create the largest floating barrier ever.

The mechanism to clean out the mass of trash in the Pacific is designed with 40 foot pipes- which ironically, are made of plastic- that will be put together to form a long, snaking tube. The tubes, filled with air, will float on the ocean surface in an arc with nylon screens hanging down below forming a giant floating dustpan to catch the plastic trash that gathers together when pushed by natural ocean currents.

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