Photos: Newly Discovered Species Of Fish Named After Greek Goddess Of Beauty And Love

Coral reefs and the species that live on it are some of the most beautiful living creatures and it is extremely rare for a species to be so breathtaking, it stands head and fins above other species.

Well, that just happened as researchers have just discovered a new species of fish that is so vivid in color that that it was named after the Greek goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite.

Researchers from the California Academy of Sciences made the discovery of Tosanoides Aphrodite while surveying the ecosystem surrounding the archipelago called St. Paul’s Rocks, located 600 miles off the coast of Brazil.

“This is one of the most beautiful fishes I’ve ever seen,” Dr Luiz Rocha, the Academy’s Curator of Fishes, recalled in a statement. “It was so enchanting it made us ignore everything around it.”

The species was first discovered by underwater video camera by Dr Luiz Rocha and his colleague Dr Hudson Pinheiro hiding in a rocky outcrop 400 feet below the sea surface. The team were so shocked by the fish that they failed to notice a six gill shark circling above them.

The team was able to collect several specimens of the species, they were able to determine the fish belonged to to Tosanoides genus. It is the first member of the group to be found living in the Atlantic. According to the scientists, who have published their full description of T. aphrodite in the journal ZooKeys, it is likely that the species is endemic to the St Paul’s Rocks area. These remote formations, outcroppings of solidified lava that was pushed up into the ocean at the tectonic boundary of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, are home to many organisms that appear to live nowhere else on Earth.


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