1500 Metric Tons of Icelandic Whale Meat Is On Its Way To Japan

Over the last year, the world has watched in despair as Iceland as hunted and slaughtered whales including the extremely rare hybrid blue-fin whale in the icy waters off their coastline.

Now, all that whale meat is making is on its way to Japan as the island country in the Pacific Ocean is set to receive 1,500 metric tons of whale meat and related whale products according to

Some 1,500 tonnes of whale meat and related whale products were sent to Japan last Saturday, MBL reports.

The ship containing the meat set sail from Hafnarfjörður over the weekend and is taking the northeast route through the Arctic Sea. The 1,500 tons is just a portion of the whale meat from the culling as most has been kept frozen and Iceland or been shipped elsewhere.

146 whales were hunted by Hvalur hf., Iceland’s last fin whaling company, during the summer whaling season. This includes not only 144 fin whales, but two blue-fin hybrids.

The International Whaling Commission (IWC) issued a global moratorium to ban commercial whaling since 1986. This agreement was kick-started as a result of the catastrophic levels of whaling that took part in recent centuries. By some estimates, blue whales have been depleted by up to 90 percent of their pre-whaling population.

Fin whales are currently still hunted in Iceland, Japan and Norway ignoring the ICW ban. Despite international outrage and the almost zero demand for whale meat, the slaughter of the mammal continues despite species numbers drastically falling.

It is still not known whether  Hvalur hf. will continue the whale slaughter next summer.


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