Photos: 25 Bottlenose Dolphins Captured In Taiji, Japan

The Taiji dolphin hunt is currently taking place in Japan and a pod of 25 bottlenose dolphins were witnessed to be driven into the cove over the weekend and captured.

As described by Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project Facebook page, he writes, “Hunters seemed to drive them in with ease, as the panicked dolphins were quickly pushed in to the cove. A few juveniles were spotted in the pod swimming very close to their mothers. There is also one older dolphin in this pod that has a collapsed dorsal fin.

Floodlights have been put up at the cove, suggesting that they will be left there overnight. More nets have been put up in the harbor sea pens as well, prepared to hold more dolphins captive.
Our cove monitor team will stay vigilant and continue to monitor activity with this pod.”

The dolphins hunts were made famous worldwide after the film The Cove brought attention to the dispicable acts. Taiji has long been connected to hunting dolphins as the catch the cetaceans to be killed for meat or sold off to aquariums.

Taiji is the only town in Japan where drive hunting still takes place on a large scale.

Like the whale hunting that is still taking place in Iceland, this culling of dolphins needs to stop and you can do something about it. Please head to where there are multiple ways for you to make a change and help protect these creatures.

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