Update: Video Of Russian Traders Moving Whales To Hide Them From Public View

In a story published yesterday, we reported on the 10 orca and 91 beluga whales that have been captured and brought to pens in Russia to be sold off China to marine parks.

Now, in a new video posted on Facebook by Oxana Fedorova, it appears to show the Russian whale traders moving the whales in attempt to hide the mammals in smaller pens, away from the eyes of the public.

In the post, Oxana writes, “Just recently I posted about 11 orcas and 90 belugas that are being held in temporary facility in Nakhodka, Russia.

Today several of the belugas had been placed in transportation tanks – destination unknown. We suspect that this could be an attempt to hide some illegal activity since official inspection is scheduled for tomorrow. “No animal – no evidence – no problems”…

This kind of atrocities are happening in Russia way too often. This animals should have never been captured in the first place! The situation is developing very fast.. Please help spread the word.”

Once captured the, the belugas and orcas are taken to Srednyaya Bay, near Nakhodka, Rissua where they animal are kept in small pens until the traders secure buyers, where they will then move to China. Although China is currently the only buyer on the market, it was only in 2015 where SeaWorld and the Georgia Aquarium attempted to buy whales from Russia but where denied by federal officials.

To read the original story, check it out here. 

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