Rubber Tubbing Found Filling Inside Of Recently Caught Lobsters Stomach

As everyone knows, pollution is a problem that has been growing at an alarming rate and we are  seeing the negative cost of it like near before.

Although the conversation to reduce plastic and other trash is at an all-time high, occasionally a situation arises that still shocks us and breaks from the typical talks.

This time, the shocking discovery comes from one of the most commonly eat see food items in the form of lobster.

Private Chef Claudia Escober had bought a lobster from a local fisherman in Scotland recently and began to prepare it make a blue lobster dish, when she shockingly found almost all of the lobsters stomach flied with bright orange rubber tubbing .

In a statement to Edinburgh Evening News,Ms. Escobar told them, “When I saw the rubber tubing I was shocked. I work a lot with lobsters and have never seen anything like it. We live really quickly, we chuck everything in the bin, but we should care,” she added. “We are floating in plastic, basically.”

Lobsters meal of choice is definitely not trash left over by humans but instead crabs, mussels and smaller fish. It is definitely possible that the lobster mistakingly ate the tubing but either way, the finding is extremely disturbing.

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