UK Has Reached A Record High In Green Power Usage

As some countries around the word start to push harder on the boundaries of renewable energy, we are starting to see the impact and the potential our planet has to run on clean energy.

From July 2018- September of 2018, almost a third of the UK’s electricity came from renewable sources due to an increase in wind turbines and solar panels which helped the country achieve a quarterly record for green energy usage.

In total, 33.1% of electricity generation came from renewable sources for the quarter, up from 30% the previous year.

Increased percentages of green energy usage is expected to continue as green energy projects are continue to be built including wind-farms that are nearing completion.

On top of the new projects, research and analysis has found that some recently built offshore are actually generating more power than expected.

While green energy is booming, gas and coal have now reached a new low of just over 41.1% according to the latest statistics.

Environmental groups said the progress showed the government should rethink its backing for nuclear and fracking, and give its full support to renewables.

“Solar and wind technologies are powering ahead, beating new records for low costs and high production despite unhelpful government interventions,” Greenpeace UK’s policy director, Doug Par, said

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