Florida Looking To Restrict How Fisherman Can Handle Sharks Caught Off Beach To Protect Animals Health

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

While shark species around the world continue decline, Florida is slowly trying attempting to help better shark populations off the coastal waters off the Sunshine State by proposing a new regulation that would prohibited protected sharks from being dragged onto beaches by fisherman.

The FFWC is expected to vote February 20 on whether to adopt the new regulations. Under the law, it would become illegal to drag ashore species such as tiger and lemon sharks ashore and you would have to unhook the animals in the water.

Researchers have argued that dragging large sharks ashore can cause severe damage to a sharks organs or even crush them due to the immense size of the animals.

If passed this law would be another pivotal step forward in shark protections in a state that is pivital to protecting sharks in the Atlantic and the Caribbean. Due to the gulf stream flowing up and around about half of Florida’s coastline, many of the sharks in the Atlantic pass by the state during annual migration.

Researchers estimate than more than 100 million sharks are being killed every year due to a majority of deaths coming from the shark finning industry and bycatch. While shark deaths to bringing the animals onto the beach are a much lower contribution to the total number, anything and everything is vital to the continued push to get shark populations back to a healthy number.

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