Video Of Fish Stuck In Plastic Bag A Stark Reminder Why Plastic Is So Deadly

Screenshot of Made in Thailand Facebook Video

A video posted on the Facebook page of Stay in Thailand shows divers discover a fish on the sea floor trapped inside of a plastic bag slowly dying. Luckily, the divers were able to release the fish from the bag as the sea creature swam off.

While this animal appears to survive, millions of creatures across the globe are not as fortunate as plastic leads to death in countless animals across the planet.

Currently, there is already over 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic trash in the world’s ocean and with the current amount expected to triple in such a short time, we need to address the reality of what we have created.

While it is less common for marine life to get stuck in plastic such as the fish in the photo, ingestion of the plastics is occurring at an alarming rate. A recent study performed by researchers on seven species of sea turtles across three different oceans found that all had micro plastics inside of them.

The impact on marine life due to plastic ingestion is not yet completely known due to scientists just starting to study the field but one of the first studies performed gives light to a very concerning future. In the survey conducted by researchers at CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere, they discovered that sea turtles that have ingested just one piece of plastic has more than a one in five chance of dying.

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