Ocean Park In China Shuts Down Their “Sea Turtle Fishing Experience” After Public Outrage

Photo by James & Carol Lee on Unsplash

While some aquariums around the world do perform great services of conservation, animal rehabilitation and teaching the public about the importance of sea life, there are way too many that are in the business to make make money and this is a problem.

Another disturbing example of that is coming from a popular marine park in China whom have been heavily criticized after offering an activity where children could feed endangered green sea turtles with fishing rods.

After footage started to appear on Chinese social media platforms showing sea turtles swimming in a small pool while children dangled fishing rods into the water at BHG Fantasy Ocean Park, investigators from the city of Yinchuan took notice and shut the activity down.

BHG Fantasy Ocean Park opened just under a month ago on January 27th and visitors started to immediately post photos and clips of the turtle-feeding which prompted city officials and the Yinchuan Forestry Administration to launch investigations.

Authorities released a statement last week that local police had visited the ocean park and that officers had ordered the park’s manager to stop harming wild animals and shut down the activity immediately. 

Green sea turtles are a second-class protected species in China and are classified as endangered by World Wildlife.

They are the only herbivore among the different species of sea turtles and are found in mainly tropical and subtropical waters. Green turtles are threatened by overharvesting of their eggs, hunting of adults, being caught in fishing gear and loss of nesting beach sites.

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