Video: Rare Finless Porpoise Appears To Cry As It Is Sold Alive In Auction

In heartbreaking video, a rare finless porpoise appears to be crying as tears roll down its eyes while being sold in an auction. Whether the animal was knowingly shedding a tear or not, it is still a real representation of the horror takes place across the world to animals that are extremely intelligent.

The porpoise, which is considered an endangered species by the IUCN Red list and trading of the species is banned in China, was being sold at a price of approximately $2.50 per kilogram.

According to the People’s Daily, a Chinese state-run publication, the animal was found in a sea-side market in the county of Xuwen in southern China’s Guangdong Province.

A bystander who saw the incident unfold told Chinese video news outlet Pear, “We saw a person bringing it to the market and many people to look. It was crying throughout the process.”

In act that shows the good in humanity, two bystanders whom believed the animal was actually a dolphin, purchased the porpoise to release back to the sea. Once back into the water, the animal had difficulties swimming in the shallows due to what was believed a damage tail but the rescuers brought it into deeper waters where it then disappeared as it swam away.

A current petition on care2 PETITIONS is urging people to call out the Chinese government on investigating the matter. The petition states, ” Catching and selling a finless porpoise is completely banned and illegal in China. That’s why we want to make sure the authorities find whoever did this and bring them to justice!” Check out the petition below to sign.

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