Photo: Sea Turtle Returns To Nesting Ground To Find Airstrip Has Been Built Over It

Photo by Bruce Warrington on Unsplash

Sea turtles are one of the most amazing animals on the planet and anyone who has watched a documentary on the animal knows why. When ready to nest and lay their eggs, a sea turtle returns to the very spot where they hatched in the sand years earlier.

The natural instinct for the turtle to return to a nesting area that has been successful hatching ground in the past allows for the reptile to have a better chance of surviving.

Unfortunately for millions of sea turtles around the world, the ability to return to where they were born to lay their eggs has become impossible due to coastal development and a recent example of this perfectly summarizes the damage humans have caused on the natural habitats of the animals.

In a report coming out of the Maldives, a pregnant green sea turtle was found laying its eggs on the tarmac of a newly built airstrip on what was previously known as a popular nesting site on Maafaru Island, in the Noonu atoll in the Maldives.

Maafaur airport is still under construction but the runway already takes up 7,200 feet of the small atoll. Along with the airstrip that almost spans the entirety of the island, there are future plans to build a hotel and resort on the atoll.

TheĀ Abu Dhabi Fund for Development funded the airport which reportedly cost $60 million, and was a gift from the United Arab Emirates.

The sea turtle was safely returned from the airstrip to the sea but this incident is just a snapshot of what is occurring worldwide due to coastal development. According to The Edition, Maafaru has a long history of being a popular nesting site for hundreds of turtles.

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