Erosion On Beach Caused By Hurricane Dorian Exposes Sea Turtle Eggs

Photo via Facebook Page of Cape Hatteras National Seashore

The impacts of Hurricane Dorian were widespread and devastating. While millions of people felt the damage it caused through the Caribbean into the Atlantic coast line of the U.S., it also provided an especially rare site of a live sea turtle nest carved on Hatteras Island.

Posted by the National Park Service on their Cape Hatteras National Seashore page, rain and wind carved out a 6-foot wall of sand on the Hatteras Island, revealing a hole several feet deep containing a sea turtles nest and eggs.

In their post, the National Park service explained that despite the impacts associated with Hurricane Dorian, only approximately 15% of all this year’s record-breaking 470 nests appear to have been impacted from nest flooding due to overwash.

“There are still over 75 intact nests remaining along the Seashore and we are already seeing signs of successful hatching,” they continued. “The park’s beaches have been monitored for sea turtle nesting activity since 1987. Nest numbers here have fluctuated greatly in the last 30 years with the fewest in 1987 at eleven and the peak of 325 in 2016. The number of sea turtle nests laid annually has grown from an average of 77.4 sea turtle nests from 2000-2007 to an average of 192.2 nests from 2008-2016.”

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