Wildlife Diversity In Earth’s Oceans Are In Severe Trouble

Photo by Johnny Chen on Unsplash

A team of researchers has gathered a large dataset from 239 different studies to better understand the devastation that humans have had on the planets biodiversity.

The study was published in the journal Science and found that widespread changes in the composition of species that live in a particular area, but the number of individuals varies widely. In some locations, there has been an increase while in other places, there are have been a decreased.

Overall across the planet, biodiversity has been reduced but the size of change, along with whether it is a loss or a gain, is dependent on the geographical location of a particular habitat.

The most dramatic changes have been a occurring in the oceans, in particular tropical ocean habitats. In comparison to land habitats, tropical marine habitats have seen double the rate of species turnover.

The authors of the study hope with this new data, conservation efforts will be implemented to help those areas that are most direly needed. Key areas to focus on according the study include tropical oceans as well as marine habitats in the western Atlantic Ocean and the waters of Northwest Australia.

Tropical systems in the ocean are typically the most diverse ecosystems in the oceans as well as having the highest percent density of marine life in the ocean. In some locations, these systems are more diverse than the rainforests of the amazon making them extremely important to the overall health of the ocean and its future.

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