Start A Beach Clean Up!

Preventing plastics from entering our oceans is one of the biggest challenges we face today in helping to protect the ocean from man-made problems. 

While prevention needs to be a major discussion and a goal we must tackle this decade, we can make an immediate difference by the simple action of partaking in a beach clean-up.

Through Ocean Blue Project, you can set up your own beach cleaning program that can make a huge difference in your local area. 

From brainstorming ideas for how to promote the event to what to do with what your group collected after the event, Ocean Blue Project  will walk you through each step of your own cleanup. Ocean Blue obtains permits, provides individual waiver forms & general liability insurance for your event. 

You will work with an Ocean Blue representative to document what you collected and create a report about what kind of debris is piling up in the places that we love. 

  • Volunteer Cleanup your campus with other students!
  • Volunteer Cleanup your neighborhood because everything flows downstream.
  • Volunteer Beach Cleanup at local beach as part of greater ocean cleanup efforts! 
  • Volunteer Cleanup with your friends, family, work group, school group and the community. 

To Create a Cleanup, contact Karisa at with a general date, time, and location at least 90 days prior to your ideal event. 

To learn more on how Ocean Blue’s beach clean ups, visit them here.