Video: Diver Captures Footage Of A Disturbing Amount Of Trash In Bali Ocean

Via Rich Horner/Youtube

Trash is one of the bigger threats to the health of our oceans and it is getting worse daily. There is not a corner of the Earth trash hasn’t found and is causing damage to all species.

Recently, a diver was filming in Bali, Indonesia and posted footage showcasing the amount of trash and plastic in the tropical waters. Plastic can be seen floating through the ocean currents as manta rays cruise on the bottom of the sea, showcasing a sharp contrast in the reality of what we have caused.

It’s thought that this particularly large clump of plastic was due to the Indonesian Throughflow (ITF) current, which flows between Bali and Lombok. Plastic can be washed into the water through storm drains or during big rain showers.

This video is a shocking reality of the amount of plastic we’re dumping into the oceans. By 2050, it’s estimated that plastic trash will outweigh with 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic already in the world’s waters today.



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