Scotland Has Produced Enough Energy To Power More Than Double The Amount Of Households They Have

In a new analysis of wind power data provided by Weather Energy, the World Wildlife Fund found that onshore wind turbines in Scotland powered the equivalent of more than 5 million homes using wind energy. Scotland has roughly half that total amount homes showing that there accomplish meant is one to truly get excited about when talking about renewable energy.

Onshore turbines provided the country more than 5 million megawattt hours of electricity to the National Grid duty the first three months of the year. That is a 44 percent increase over the same time period last year.

This news comes after data released at the end of last month showed renewable electricity generation in Scotland grew by 26 percent last year, for a total of 68 percent of the nation’s overall electricity demand coming from renewables.

March 1st was the highlight of the year thus far when 110,149 MWh was generated, the equivalent of 9 million Scottish homes (374 percent of total Scottish household).

Scotlands goal of reaching 100 percent of its electric and 11 percent of its heat demand from renewables by 2020 is definitely on trajectory as the analysis of this years data is proving it.

Scotland’s WWF acting director said in a statement, “Renewables have provided an incredible amount of power during the first three months of this year. An increase of 44 percent on the record-breaking equivalent period in 2017 is clear evidence the investment made in this technology has paid off for the economy and the environment, putting Scotland at the forefront of the fight against climate change.”

Scotland has advance a lot in renewable tech in recent years and the investment is definitely paying off. The precedent been set by the country is one to have hope in as man-made climate change is directly linked to use of fossil fuels. The best way to slow climate change is ensuring the heavy use of fossil fuels is reduced. Almost every nation in the world has established a policy related to renewable energy. You can see how your country is doing here.

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