California To Go 100% Renewable By 2045

While much of the United States is falling behind much of the world in working towards a clean energy future, California refuses to follow the rest of the country and continues to promote clean energy in a time when it is desperately needed to slow climate change.

In a new announcement, Governor Jerry Brown signed a law that committed California to going 100 percent renewable 2045.

While signing the bill, Governor Brown was quick to point out they will not be following President Trump’s instructions to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement. “[The bill] is sending a message to California and the world that we are going to meet the Paris agreement and we are going to continue down that path to transition our economy,” he told reporters.

“Trump has made himself an outlaw on the matter of climate change,” he said in further comments to Politico. “And since climate change is [an] existential threat, I would say that doing what he’s doing to undermine efforts that will save lives and prevent catastrophe for California, for America and the world, is about as reprehensible as any act that any American president has ever been guilty of.”

The newly passed clean energy bill was sponsored by Californian Democratic state Senator Kevin de León. With this announcement, California is now the largest economy in the world to commit to solely using renewable energy from solar, wind, and water.

California is the second U.S. state to commit to a carbon-free future following the footsteps of Hawaii.

On the path to become 100% carbon-free, California will also aim to be 60% renewable by 2030. Currently, roughly 1/3 of the states electricity comes from renewables.

The importance of this announcement and decision is vital to the preservation of our planet in a time when we have world leaders who are hell-bent on destroying the Earth in the name of political and economical gain.

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