Green Sea Turtle Found Dead On Thailand Beach Likely Due To Ingesting Plastic

In just another incident that summarizes the state of the oceans today, a large green sea turtle was found dead on Chumphon’s Bang Nam Jeud Beach on Saturday with the cause of death believed to be from ingesting plastic.

As tough as these stories are to constantly be seeing, it is important that we do see the damage we are causing to the planet by our addiction to plastic and it is a reminder to continue to constantly work towards protecting the seas.

Speaking to The Nation, Amnuaykiat Timnakha, deputy chief of the Tambon Bang Nam Jeud Organisation said, “I found a piece of plastic in its throat, so I think it’s the latest victim of sea-borne plastic waste. We informed the relevant officials and they advised us to bury it first until they get here on Monday to do an autopsy.”

The female green turtle, which was almost 6 feet long and weighed roughly 110 pounds, was already found to be decomposing when discovered.

Reports of marine animals dying due to death by plastic have skyrocketed lately and the discovery of this green sea turtle coincides with the recently released research that sea turtles have a one in five chance of death if they consume just one piece of plastic.

Currently there is an estimated 15-51 trillion pieces of plastic already estimated to be in the ocean today, that number will only grow at a rapid pace in the future. By 2050, plastic pollution is estimated to outweigh all fish in the ocean.

The best thing you can do to help prevent incidents like this is first by avoiding all single-use plastics. Second, is to petition your local restaurants, grocery stores and politicians to implement policies that reduce plastic usage.

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