Shocking Video Of Animal That Surprisingly Uses Ink As Self Defense

Screen Shot of film by SAPeople

While squid are known for the self-defense trait of releasing ink to escape a predator, a new video filmed in Cape Town, South Africa gives us a glimpse of an extremely rare sight.

The interaction takes place between a seal and a dwarf sperm whale. As the whale is attempting to escape from the seal, it releases a “smoke bomb” of dark liquid. Check out the video below:

Dwarf sperm whales can be found in temperate and tropical marine habitats. As their name hints at, dwarf sperm whales are very small in comparison to other whales as their maximum length in size is typically around 8-9 feet.

When under distress, the dwarf sperm have adapted to create the defense technique of ejecting a cloud of red-brown fluid into the water to hide their getaway path from their attacker very much like squid do.

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