Video: Bizarre Alien Like Creature Spotted In The Depths Off The Coast Of Australia

Schmidt Ocean Via Twitter

A bizarre video of a string-like being drifting in the depths off the coast of Australia has been captured and showcases the incredible nature of life in the sea

The “thing” in the video is known as a siphonophore and it is a huge colony of tiny animals called zooids appearing to act as one being.

The video was posted on by the nonprofit Schmidt Ocean who explained that the giant siphonophore was recorded on the Ningaloo Canyons expedition and it is believed to be the largest ever recorded specimen. The Ningaloo Canyons expedition is aimed to explore benthic biodiversity in Cape Range and Cloates Canyons off the coast of Australia. The researchers had been investigating the deep-sea environments using an ROV and sonar when they spotted the UFO looking specimen.

Estimates of the size of the loop the animals are making are as long as almost 400 feet in length. The loop is made out of millions of zooids acting together. It is believed that the loop is a feeding technique that acts as a drifting net sweeping up food.

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