Iceland Will Not Hunt Any Whales This Year For The Second Year In A Row

Good news has never felt so good to hear as Iceland’s whales are safe from hunting again this year due to the two major whaling companies decided to not hunt this summer.

This decision marks the second year in a row of no hunting after Icelandic companies decided to not hunt last year for the first time in 17 years.

One of Iceland’s biggest whaling companies, IP-Utgerd, has announced to abandon whaling altogether.

“I’m never going to hunt whales again, I’m stopping for good,” managing director Gunnar Bergmann Jonsson said. According to the Bergman, hunting had become too expensive after a no-fishing coastal zone was extended, requiring whalers to go even further off shore.

Meanwhile, the company Hvalur, who hunt fin Wales, explained that it was cancelling the season due to export woes and restrictions linked to Covid-19.

As well, istján Loftsson, the CEO of Hvalur hf, told Icelandic newspaper Morgunblaðið it would be too challenging to compete with Japan, who have claimed the market for whale meat consumption and production after resuming whaling in 2019.

Iceland resumed whale hunting in 2003 after the International Whaling Commission banned whaling in 1982. Since 2003, at least 1500 fin and minke whales have been killed by Iceland according to the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

Across the world, Iceland, Norway and Japan have continued to defy the IWC’s ban on commercial whaling.

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